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K-12 Student Health Education Prevention Posters

Innovative counselor and teacher-created K-12 school and classroom posters designed to improve student behavior, attitude and motivation
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Full Color, 11″ x 17″ Medium Size Posters


The Bottom Line on
Youth Change Workshops’ School & Classroom Posters for

K-12 Health Education & Prevention Posters

underage drinking poster Youth Change Workshops has powerful, edgy health education posters that deliver surprising, innovative, new techniques to prevent or address students’ health problems.

These problem-stopping health education posters are designed to have impact when conventional methods fail. Each of our posters was created to have impact on all types of children and teens, and to offer exciting, new tools to help students become educated on health concerns, while preventing health problems like STDs.

Put the walls of your classroom, nurse’s office, school, health care program, medical clinic, counseling office, or teen health center to work by posting our compelling health message posters.

teen alcohol prevention posterThe result may be better prevention of STDs for both your boys and girls, along with improved health education. These devices can make you more effective and that means better health for your students.

Our K-12 student health education and prevention posters complement and underscore our powerful lessons and reproducible worksheets.

Select your favorites from several choices. Don’t miss our must-see, dramatic substance abuse prevention and eye-popping stop smoking posters that are especially appropriate for high school students. Several of these posters are pictured here.

poster161bigYouth Change Workshops’ carefully crafted health ed posters are an ideal addition to your classroom, counseling office or hallway if you work with students who are at risk of difficulty in those areas, or if you have adolescents who are already smoking or using drugs or other substances.

Have questions? Let the experts on health education and prevention for elementary, middle and high school students help: 1.800.545.5736 or email us. We can help.