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If it’s summer and you’re a teacher, you are probably thinking that this is going to have to be the time that you keep up with all your requirements for on-going teacher professional development. That’s why we’ve created this handy guide to our summer teacher professional development inservice workshop training options. We’ve figured out some perfect ways to combine summer and professional development training. When you head back to school in fall, these tactics really can make working with difficult students less difficult.


Your How-To Guide to
Summer Teacher
Professional Development Inservice Workshop Training



free printable classroom posters1. Start Early


If you are trying to find summer teacher professional development inservice workshop training for your school, it’s critical to realize that every other school on the planet is trying to book the same handful of back-to-school, end-of-summer dates that you are. If you’re serious about trying to arrange professional development training for August, you’d better be pretty far along by March as that’s when open dates start to disappear. If you want to have the best chance to get the date you need, start in January. You may find your August professional development training date is open if you start trying to book later than January or March, but don’t count on it.

We once had two Texas school districts fighting over one much in-demand summer date and that didn’t end well, so think about booking early in the year. To book our too-popular-in-summer Breakthrough Strategies to Teach and Counsel Youth Workshop, or any of our popular workshop titles, we suggest starting right now. You can contact us by phone or email.



free printable classroom posters2. Online Clock Hours &
     Grad Credit


If summer is your main chance to keep up your credentials by earning enough college credit or clock hours to maintain your teaching license, online courses are often the easiest and fastest answer. Minimize the disruption and lost summer vacation time by taking your online course with you wherever you go. We have specifically designed our online teacher professional development inservice training courses to be downloaded to all your devices. That means you can watch or listen to our online teacher and counselor professional development courses on your phone, desktop computer, tablet or TV. No more having to disrupt your vacation when you take our courses in the car, on the beach or while lying in a hammock in the summer sun. Not all online courses are so generous with their access, but our online professional development training classes were specifically designed to make your life easier. That’s why our course homework is useful and not too hard to do if you have carefully watched our training videos and recordings.

Even better, we have the college credit and clock hours you need including Washington State OSPI Educator Clock Hours for both teachers and school counselors. In addition, the charge for college credit and clock hours is probably a lot less than you anticipate. One grad credit typically costs $55 and most clocks hours are free. We have clock hours for many disciplines too, including Washington State OSPI Hours for $25. See all our online counselor and teacher professional development training options here.



free printable classroom posters3. Hate Parts of Your Job?
    A Summer Course
    Can Fix That


Do you just dread returning to school in the fall because of the never-ending struggle to manage students’ behavioral, social and emotional problems? Do you just hate the part of your job that requires you to be a vigilant behavior cop, amateur mental health counselor and wannabe family therapist? You’re not alone. Students’ seriously problematic behavioral, social concerns and emotional issues are frequently cited by teachers who flee the profession as their primary motivation for leaving K-12 education.

The truth is that you don’t have to live like that anymore. Summer is the perfect time to upgrade your skills to finally be sufficient to manage today’s very hard-to-manage students.

Typical teacher college preparation offers little specific, step-by-step training to prepare you to truly know what to do about significant student issues like trauma, disrespect, poor motivation, truancy, depression, work refusal, defiance and mental health concerns. Summer is the ideal time to fix all that. Better training exists but it won’t come and find you. You have to go find it.

We’re never happy when people characterize our training offerings as crash courses, but it’s hard to argue with that description. All of our courses were specifically created to fill that gap in your training. If you choose online courses, you will lose little time away from summer vacation but you will turbo-charge your skills. You may discover that you finally have the updated, upgraded, more effective strategies, methods and tools you need to better manage and prevent the kinds of student behavioral, social, emotional and motivational problems that can cause even the most dedicated and talented teacher to not want to go back to school at the end of summer vacation.

Check out our list of problem-stopping online professional development inservice workshops that could make your back-to-school experience not be the usual back-to-problems.



free printable classroom posters4. Training Solutions
      for Every Budget


Don’t assume that good training is unaffordable. Here at Youth Change Workshops, we’ve worked very hard to keep our professional development fees as low as possible. We have helpful inservice trainings and courses for every budget.

For our general session professional development workshops, we offer scholarships to defray the cost of attending. It’s fast and easy to request financial help. Just call 503-982-4220 and in under 5 minutes, you’ll be able to sign up for the scholarship that can help. We offer a small number of scholarships for every general session training workshop.

Our online counselor and teacher training courses are priced to fit any budget. Prices start at just $39. Even better, at no extra charge, you can take the training on all your devices including your phone and tablet.

We’ve worked hard to make even our on-site workshop and keynote presentations for conferences, schools, school districts, colleges, universities, institutes and agencies be affordable. Contact us for fees. We also try to make a partial fee donation once a year to a site in need so contact us if your staff need training but you don’t think you have the budget to manage it.

If you have a very small or non-existent training budget but are aware that your team really needs live training to best work with today’s often troubled or difficult students,  we have solutions ready to go for you. To get the most affordable on-site professional development training presented just to your team, we offer live streaming workshops. These workshops are conducted completely online. That makes them extremely affordable. Your staff participate live in a workshop held just for them, and are able to interact with the instructor and view her and slide presentations just like at an in-person training inservice. The only difference between our on-site inservice training workshops and our streaming inservice workshops is whether the instructor is physically or virtually present to teach your team. If you have little or no budget, online streaming sessions can be the fastest, most effective way to upgrade your staff’s skills.




free printable classroom posters5. Choose Problem-Stopping
     Professional Development 


So many teachers these days see professional development as something they have to do to maintain licensure when really professional development training should be the fastest and best ways to solve the concerns that teachers face in the classroom and in their school. That’s where Youth Change’s courses fit in. We work hard to keep the philosophizing and theory to a minimum. Yes, there has to be at least some of that, but what most teachers want– but wonder if it exists– is practical, immediately useful professional development training that solves their most pressing issues. That is what we provide: more effective, use-now strategies for nearly any emotional, social, behavioral, motivational or school problem.

So rest assured that all Youth Change courses are designed to provide fast, clear, step-by-step, more effective, tailored strategies for the worst problems teachers face. We even cover problem areas that you may have never have had good strategies for– problems like severe classroom management issues, defiance, disrespect, bullying, violence and poor motivation.

Summer should be well-earned break for educators but if you’re going to have to use some of it to secure training, at least choose workshops and courses that deliver immediate answers for your worst concerns. That way, your return to school in the fall may just be a lot more successful than in the past. Working with difficult students really doesn’t have to be so difficult.



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