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Affiliate Overview

motivation bookEarn great revenue–with almost no costs to you– as an affiliate vendor selling Youth Change’s ebooks, online classes and audio books.

Put your website, blog, Facebook, Glogster and Pinterest pages or your email to work generating income.

Temper bookIt’s easy to become a Youth Change affiliated seller. It costs almost nothing to start. Since you’re selling virtual products, it costs you almost nothing to make each sale.

Selling is automated; there’s nothing for you to do to complete each sale. Read on to learn how in just 4 easy steps, you can earn income from selling ebooks and audio books.


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4 Steps Fast Steps to Become an Affiliate

Step 1

defiant student workshopClick here to learn about all the exciting, must-have teacher-counselor books and classes we have available for you to sell online. You can ask to review our ebooks and test out the whole buying process. We’re here to answer your questions and to walk you through the whole process.

There will never be any fees charged to you by us; we simply split the proceeds of each sale between us.


Step 2

online teacher workshopOnce we find out a little bit about you, and add you as an authorized seller, we can provide you with web site pages that you can post to sell ebooks.

Or, if you prefer, we provide just the text, pictures and links that you can add to existing sale pages. You can edit as you wish. You need some basic knowledge of running web sites.

We have more than 20 electronic products you can sell.You are free to sell some or all of our ebooks and audio books, plus, arrangements can be made to sell our “real” products (bound books, posters, etc.) Click here to view them. See how easy buying is by clicking here to start the purchase process. (You can stop before inputting in your credit card number.)


Step 3

bookthumb3b You sign up to become our affiliate with our merchant services manager, Clickbank. Once we add you as an authorized seller, you can be selling within hours.

Clickbank is one of the largest transaction processors on the internet. Clickbank processes your customers’ credit cards and instantly delivers the ebooks links to the customer’s browser (Internet Explorer or almost any other browser.)

Their computers do all the work so you don’t do anything to process sales. Visit Clickbank to learn more about becoming our affiliate. (Our Clickbank hoplink code is youthchg.)  Signing up wth Clickbank requires a one-time $50 sign-up fee, then they take a small portion of each sale, but they also do all the work for you.

You can sell almost any online product from almost any source through Clickbank, not just our products. It usually takes under 5 minutes to start your account; Clickbank has excellent customer support.

Signing up with Clickbank (click here) to become our sales affiliate is very easy. Clickbank deducts a portion of each sale as their fee in exchange for their service.


Step 4

bookthumbbsseriesOnce you’re a Youth Change affiliate, you are ready to sell using Clickbank. It’s usually fast to get set up, the perfect money-making project to do in your spare time, with almost no start-up costs.

You get 50% of each sale and so do we, but you don’t have to do anything else. Clickbank does it for you. Clickbank divides up each sale and sends you a check with your share. They do all the work from sending the customer the link to their ebook,audio book or online class, to processing the credit card and sending you the proceeds.

Once everything is up and running, we can show you how to publicize your website if you have one. We can also show you how to place free and paid ads. We can also show you how to email announcments publicizing Youth Change’s ebooks, online classes and audio books.

We can also show you how to post our products on your blog, Pinterest, Glogster and Facebook pages, plus we have many ideas we can give you on how to drive traffic to your website so you will have visitors buying ebooks, classes on audio books. Since online classes, ebooks and audio books are fast, inexpensive and immediately helpful, they are a fairly recession-proof necessity that no teacher, counselor, foster parent, juvenile court worker, psychologist, social worker or therapist can go without.



The bottom line is that it is easy to become a Youth Change affiliate. While we can’t promise you great riches, becoming an affiliate can be profitable. Becoming a Youth Change affiliate may be the perfect part-time money-maker for your after work hours. We’re here to help you every step of the way.



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Q: I work full time as a teacher. Is being an affiliate something I can do in my spare time?

A: You may be shocked to discover how easy it can be to generate extra income by becoming an affiliate book seller. That’s because we’ve done so much of the work for you. It’s also easy because the buying process is all automated. That means that once you’re set up to sell, most transactions require no action on your part. The automated system does it all.

If you have basic internet and computer skills, becoming a part-time book seller can be a fun hobby. It is helpful to have a blog, twitter account, and Facebook pages, and some free time.

If you have basic HTML skills or can use WordPress or similar website manager, that is helpful. You may not realize that many of the web’s best known education web sites are run by teachers in their spare time, on weekends, during vacations and after school.

Once you create your content, you are ready to sell. We help you every step of the way, and will work with you to help.

If you love tinkering with web pages, doing social networking, or blogging, your hobby could build your budget. We have such an array of attention-grabbing books that teachers, counselors and other youth professionals love, you generate income while providing truly useful resources to your colleagues.

Look at some of our most popular products in our store. Youth professionals everywhere are always on the hunt for practical, cutting-edge, problem-stopping behavior management resources.

Read even more details on becoming an affiliate of Youth Change selling ebooks, online classes and audio books.