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Affiliate Set-Up Help

for Selling Youth Change's

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Here's the detailed set-up information you need to start selling Youth Change's books and classes. In minutes, you'll be earning 50% of each sale. All links open in a new window. If you are looking for introductory information on selling our books as an affiliate, click here.



Click here to become our affiliate. This link will work for you whether you have an existing Clickbank account or need to start one.

Our Clickbank vendor name is youthchg, but that information should already be in place on the page you reach by clicking above. Once sign-up is complete, email us to get our approval to become an approved Youth Change vendor.

We need to know the basics, like your name, address, phone number, website, and occupation. You also want to use this page for help gearing up to sell our books. Also remember: if you're opening a new Clickbank account, be sure to write down the name you chose for your Clickbank affiliate account.



Hoplink #1– Add Books and Classes Hoplink Using HTML
To place a link to our products on your website, blog, Facebook, or elsewhere using HTML, use this hoplink. Be sure to replace the xxxxx with your Clickbank name.

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Hoplink #2– Add Books and Classes Hoplink Without HTML
To add the link to a web page or blog without using HTML, or to send a link by email, use the line below but remember to replace the xxxxxx with your Clickbank name.

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Email Letters to Colleagues

k12 motivation lessons bookYou can send email letters using Link #2 shown directly above. You can include notes saying how much the ebook, class, audio book or teacher worksheets can help with problems like classroom management issues, discipline concerns, student work refusal, disrespect, and ADHD. We can provide preview copies for you to read; email your request.

You could begin your email by giving your reaction to reading the book and the results you achieved after reading it. For example, you could begin by saying:

Dear Colleague,

I blazed through this incredible lesson book I just discovered. It's called Turn On the Turned-Off Student, and this book delivers on its title. It's an ebook that I downloaded off the net.

I just had to tell you how it immediately helped me to stop some of the chronic, serious problems with student motivation, attitude and disrespect that were just eating up my instruction time.

This lesson book is packed with cutting-edge, real-world tools that are just so more effective than all the theory I got in college. This book actually gave me specific lessons and worksheets I can use to motivate even my most unmotivated students.

I know that you face the same serious classroom management problems that I had, so I had to tell you how you can own and read this book in just seconds– and as soon as tomorrow your classroom could run so much better.

You may use this text as a starting point or use the parts you like as is.

Add Books & Class Links to Your Email Signature

Add Hoplink #2 ( to the signature file for your outgoing emails.

In Outlook Express, click on Tools/Options/Signatures and then copy and paste Hoplink #2 into the signature file and save it.

Especially if you visit teacher forums, education discussion boards, and correspond with other educators, this technique can really get the word out about the wonderful books you have to share.

You can add a sentence to the signature file, such as "Click here to get fast Problem Student Problem-Solvers," or "Ask Me How I Solved My Classroom Management Problems," or "Click Here for Teacher Worksheets That Turnaround Classroom Behavior Management Problems."


online classesAdd Graphics of Your Favorite Book or Class

It is true: a picture is worth a 1000 words. Pictures sell. Add pictures to your email, blog, website, Pinterest, tumblr or Facebook page. A sample graphic is shown here. Once you know our various ebooks, classes and audio books, use pictures of your favorites.

Pictures will draw the reader's eye and command their attention. You may use our class or book graphics to sell our products. (All our graphics ar covered by copyright so they can only be used by you to market our products, not for any other purpose.)

To add a graphic, simply put your cursor over the item, then Save As. Now that graphic is on your computer and you can place it in your email or on web pages. See all our online ebooks, classes and audio books and find graphics here.

Free and Paid Ads

You can create Google ads for our ebooks, classes and audio books using Hoplink #2 ( You can also post Yahoo ads. In addition, you can post free classified ads on many education sites and discussion boards too. Many social networking sites like Facebook also sell ads.


bookthumb5Use Your Blog, Website
or Social Marketing Page

All the pages you have on the web are potential marketing tools.

Prominently display book and class graphics and links on every page you have. If your Facebook and MySpace pages are visited by colleagues, you have a built-in audience.

You can review our classes, ebooks and audio books, recount how our downloadable worksheets have helped you, or you can highlight something you learned and how it made a difference in your classroom.

No type of marketing is more effective than the opinion of someone who knows and likes the product. Our online classes and books are such an easy sell to teachers, principals and counselors because they really do offer immediate help.

While we hope you don't say that our books and classes offer magic answers, we do hope you will be able to sincerely appraise our books and online courses as the fastest and best classroom management repair systems that exists anywhere.



How do I contact you?


Email us or contact us by another method.

Can I preview your ebooks and audio books?

Yes, send us an email using the link above. If you have specific titles or series that you wish to see, include that information. Since we have so many ebooks and audio books, we generally just start with a sampling, rather than send so many files at once.

Where is the introductory information on selling books as an affiliate?

You are on our page for more in-depth information for book affiliates. Click here for introductory affiliate information; a new window opens.

My affiliate question isn't answered here. How can I get the answer?

Send us an email using the link above.

How many products do you have that I can sell?

We have dozens of classes, ebooks and audio books you can sell via Clickbank. See them all here. In addition, we have "real" (vs. virtual) products like posters, paperbacks and live workshops.

Do I need your permission to become an affiliate?

Yes, near the top of this page, you can read about what we need from you so we can approve you to sell our products. We can usually provide approval within hours. Most youth professionals will have no problems becoming approved.


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