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About the Classroom Management Forum

The Classroom Management Forum is a community service of Youth Change Workshops. This forum offers expert help for teachers, counselors, principals, social workers, juvenile court staff, psychologists, school nurses, juvenile correctional staff, after-school program workers and youth professionals.

Questions must relate to getting help with student behavior and classroom management, school violence, professional development, behavior management  books and resources, or similar. Student safety is always our top concern so please always first consult your supervisor or mental health professional for any and all student safety issues.

help for teachersIf you are seeking expert help with persistent or serious student behavior problems, you found an effective and prompt source of free help. You’re going to get the answers and expert guidance you need from Youth Change Professional Development Workshops’ Classroom Management Forum.

The Classroom Management Forum is provided by Youth Change Professional Development Workshops. Youth Change is your Problem Student Problem-Solver. Youth Change Workshops is your friendly expert to help with any troubled, challenged, difficult or problems student. We’ve been helping since 1989 so we know our stuff. We’ve got the very best solutions to help troubled students and we share some of those innovative ideas with you here on this Forum.

This page is Youth Change Workshops’ Classroom Management Archives for 2016. This page is dedicated to past questions and answers from our expert. You may wish to delve deeper into the solutions and help offered in other years and housed in this huge archive. There is an index for the Forum on the top of the right hand column, sorted by year.

Our giant website is always here to help you with any K-12 student behavioral problems and all your professional development training and inservice needs. You will find educational K-12 articles, online professional development workshops and webinars, live training workshops, classroom posters, books and ebooks. The friendly experts at Youth Change Workshop are always here to help you. You’re not alone with your students any more. We’re on your side and ready to help right now. Call 1.800.545.5736 or email us.






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Ruth Herman Wells, M.S.



Date:   2016-01-03
Name:   Julie Inglin
Subject:   Online Professional Development  Works How?
Job Title:   Teacher


Please explain how the online professional development courses you have work. Is there a limited time to watch them?


Reply written by Ruth Herman Wells, M.S., Director, Youth Change at 2016-01-04

expert free help teachersWe constantly get these questions about our online professional development, but really, it’s very easy and as simple as watching a YouTube video.

After you complete your order, you are transferred to  a receipt page. That page has the link that you need to watch the online class. That page also has everything you need to know to earn college credit and clock hours.

You can watch the online training course any time you want as many times as you want. There is no time limit. You can even watch it on multiple devices like tablets, computers and smart phones. Licenses are available for multiple viewers..

View our online professional development workshops here and let us know if you have more questions.



Date:   2016-01-13
Name:   Billy O’Keefe
Subject:   School District Professional Development Director
Job Title:   Teacher


Maybe it’s on your site and I’m not seeing it. Do you have any classroom management professional development workshops coming near Seattle or Tacoma, Washington this year? We’re looking to get OSPI Teacher Clock Hours for some of our district staff.  Any special rates for groups? Thanks.  


Reply written by Ruth Herman Wells, M.S., Director, Youth Change at 2016-01-14

expert advice teachersWe have our next professional development workshop in Seattle, Washington on May 7-8, 2015. There are still openings. Here is the link for the workshop information page. The workshop flyer is here.

We will provide a discount for groups over 5. Call 1.800.545.5736 to request a special rate for your group. The larger the group, the bigger the discount.

We have work-study scholarships as well, also accessed by calling the number above.



motivate studentsDate:   2016-02-03
Name:   Harley Stevenson
Subject:  Motivating unmotivated students
Job Title:   Teacher


Looking for any and all ideas how to motivate unmotivated students.


Reply written by Ruth Herman Wells, M.S., Director, Youth Change at 2016-02-04

We have hundreds of awesome interventions for unmotivated students, so many that I’m at a loss where to even start.

Find dozens of motivational classroom posters here. One example is Poster 529, shown at right.

Find our books on motivating unmotivated students here.

Find dozens of educational professional development articles on how to motivate students here.




Date:   2016-07-15
Name:   Josie Spitzer
Subject:   Massive amount of posters
Job Title:   Teacher

I don’t have much budget. I need posters. You have a massive amount, too many to pick through to determine which ones I can actually afford. What are your best-sellers or favorites? Any suggestions for a broke teacher?


Reply written by Ruth Herman Wells, M.S., Director, Youth Change at 2016-07-15 student success posters

We can help. We have $1 posters that we sell in batches of 25. They are slightly damaged, things like bent corners, little dings on their edges, etc. They may also be earlier versions of the posters we sell. You can tell us your age group, top categories that you’re interested in, and we’ll send you 25 awesome posters for $25– for as long as this offer lasts. We have posters in many categories including Motivation, Anger Control, Bullying Prevention, Inspirational, Career, Classroom Management and Substance Abuse Prevention. Find the 25 Slightly Damaged Posters for $25 Offer here. At right, is our best-seller, Poster #537.






Date:   2016-08-11
Name:   Laney
Subject:  How do online classes work vs webinars?
Job Title:   Special Education Teacher, High School

I am still confused about all the online internet teacher professional development terminology. How do online classes work exactly compared to a webinar? What’s “live streaming” mean? I know I should know this but I just agreed to help arrange professional development for our school district and all the new terms are not clear to me when it comes down to taking action. So, can you explain it further for me? Thanks for this service!


Reply written by Ruth Herman Wells, M.S., Director, Youth Change at 2016-08-11

online teacher helpOnline classes are a lot like YouTube videos. You can start them, stop them, pause them and replay them. All of our online training workshops offer clock hours and we also can provide college credit. You watch the video just like you were sitting quietly in the back of a classroom or lecture hall. Our online courses provide a workbook too. You can see free mini-online teacher profession development classes from us here. Some online workshops are just a PowerPoint presentation and some are made by recording a live course. Accessing online workshops can be really fast. We tell people they can be watching our teacher professional development video workshops in about 60 seconds after purchasing them.

Webinars are live workshops held online and people watch on their own computer monitor, laptop, tablet or phone. There is some interaction between participants and the instructor. Usually, a moderator facilitates the interaction. The participants see the instructor or the PowerPoint slides on their screen, and the instructor can see the participants. A phone or mike is used for the audio, or sometimes both.

Setting up a webinar is not fast as you have to arrange the logistics like which platform (like Citrix Go to Meeting, for example) to use to host the session. You have to figure out who will moderate or if there will be no moderator. You have to figure out  what monitor will you use, how you will stream the audio. You have to have someone who has the skills to be the tech person who remedies any technical problems that can develop.

The main advantage of webinars is their cost, which is usually much lower than a presenter coming live to your city to your site. The other big advantage is there is no travel involved for participants or the presenter. The main disadvantage of a webinar is that it’s very hard to keep the audience’s attention, and to keep them involved. A webinar is really nothing more than an educational TV show without commercials. Presenters have to work very hard to create a workshop that holds participants’ attention. Participants have to get used to sitting a long time watching a TV show that is often nowhere as interesting as other things they watch on screens. It’s definitely a trade-off.

Webinars can be called live streaming because a live workshop is streaming to you on the internet. Once the live webinar is over, it may be viewed as an online workshop. So, a webinar can become an online class, and an online class can be presented as a webinar. Many live workshops can be presented as either webinars or online workshops. For more information on our counselor and teacher professional development webinars, click here. That information may help crystallize the differences for  you.


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