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teacher inservice resourcesYou’ve discovered Youth Change Professional Development Workshops and our behavior and classroom management answer forum where we offer help with your questions about teacher inservice, classroom management problems, professional development, children’s mental health, school violence and much more.

Youth Change Professional Development Workshops is your Problem Student Problem-Solver. Our experts are ready to help you solve your worst K-12 education problems right now. Youth Change has been the authority on troubled and challenged students since 1989 and we’re your fastest and best solution.

This page is Youth Change Workshops’ Classroom Management Archives for 2014. On this page, you can read past posts with our K-12 education expert’s best answers. We’re your authoritative, concise, practical resource, and we are ready to assist you to learn better methods that can replace conventional strategies that are a poor match for today’s more troubled, challenging and difficult students.

What does Youth Change Workshops’ classroom management forum help pages cover? The forum is ready to help you with queries about student behavior, understanding their mental health issues, and we are also prepared to help you figure out how to fix your classroom management problems. We also are happy to answer questions about arranging professional development inservice training for your teaching faculty, counseling staff or youth program team members. 

Our huge website is also ready to help you with student behavior problems and all your professional development needs. You will find educational articles, online workshops and webinars, in-person workshops, student behavior posters, books and ebooks. The experts at Youth Change Workshop are here to help. Call us at 1.800.545.5736 or email us.

The Classroom Management Forum is an educational, free professional development service to the K-12 education and counseling communities. Youth Change wrote the book on problem students, and we teach the class. When you think of problem students, think of us.





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Ruth Herman Wells, M.S.




Date:   2014-09-01 01:10:22
Name:   Sara J.
Subject:   Online Courses Can Be Watched When?
Job Title:   Teacher

So confused by online classes, webinars, whatever they are called. I want to take one of your online classes. Do I have to watch it all at once or at a certain time? Can I stop watching it and re-start it or not? I just want something fast and affordable. Sorry, but I need the clock hours and I need them fast.


Reply written by Ruth Herman Wells, M.S., Director, Youth Change at 2014-09-01 02:02:12

online teacher coursesWe constantly get this question. We have fast and affordable online classes. All have clock hours. The cost starts at just $39 and includes free clock hours or CEUs.

Let me quickly explain the professional development tech terms that have you confused. First, webinars are live and you watch them at a given time and can’t rewind or stop. Online professional development workshops are not live. You can stop and re-start. You can rewind. You can watch online classes on your phone, computer, TV, tablet or laptop.

It sounds like you want the flexibility of an online course, not the requirements of a webinar to be at your computer at the right time for the duration. Our online classes are as easy to watch as a YouTube video. If you can watch a YouTube video or a video that shows up on your Facebook page, you are an expert at watching our online courses. They work exactly the same. It’s really easy and we provide exceptional customer care if you do get goofed up somehow.

View our online professional development workshops here. Our most popular online professional development class is shown above. It’s perfect if you work with students with behavior, performance or attendance problems.



Date:   2014-08-21 02:11:44
Name:   Tanya Stanton
Subject:   Professional development workshops for my staff
Job Title:   Principal

I have my professional development budget back. Finally! I am looking for professional development training for my new staff. That’s about 8 new teachers. I’m in the Seattle, Washington area. My new faculty members are having great difficulty with classroom management so that is the specific topic I need. Your website is very large so maybe the answer is here but I don’t have time to look around to find the information myself. Your site looks great but I am only looking for training on teacher classroom management strategies and only want to find workshops that offer that. Thanks.


Reply written by Ruth Herman Wells, M.S., Director, Youth Change at 2014-08-22 01:12:22

k12 teacher professional developmentNo problem. Here’s a quick answer. Find all the registration information and professional development workshop details for our signature classroom management course coming to Seattle here. We are the classroom management experts, and we specialize in helping new teachers get in charge of their classroom no matter how seriously misbehaved their students are. We will deliver 200 ready-to-use classroom management strategies, and will provide a special focus on how to manage unmanageable students. I promise you that it will be the most information-packed, useful training your staff have ever received. Let us know how else we can help.



Date:   2014-07-11 07:19:02
Name:   Bobbi
Subject:   Posters
Job Title:   School Librarian

I have a request from one of my guidance counselors who wants to use her professional development budget to get mindfulness posters for her office and counseling room. Not exactly sure what “mindfuleness” means but do you have any mindfulness posters?

Reply written by Ruth Herman Wells, M.S., Director, Youth Change at 2014-07-15 11:02:12

mindfulness guidance counseling posterMindfulness is the newest self-help tool for counselors to offer students. We do have quite a few choices so I am going to give you the link to all our counseling posters so you can look through them. Many of the posters in that section will have the word “mindfulness” in their title. Since mindfulness is all about serenity, controlling thoughts, having positive thoughts, being oriented to the present moment, and achieving calm, you can also look at any of our counseling posters that include those elements. If you want to learn more about mindfulness so you can make more informed poster choices, we have an quick but helpful mindfulness information article on the topic that you could read. Find our counseling posters here. A sample mindfulness poster, Poster #343 is shown at right.



Date:   2014-05-13 17:09:42
Name:   Janie
Subject:   Webinar
Job Title:   Director of Professional Development
Number:   3

What’s a webinar and how’s that different than an online workshop?

Reply written by Ruth Herman Wells, M.S., Director, Youth Change at 2014-05-13 17:20:23

webinars for teachersWebinars are live, interactive workshops that make affordable, budget school and agency professional development. They can offer college credit, clock hours and certificates of completion. They are conducted online with the presenter in a remote location. Your staff view the presenter on a computer, TV screen or similar. An online class is static, meaning that it isn’t live. It is closer to a YouTube video that is pre-recorded and your staff watch it individually or together on a computer, phone, TV screen or similar. Both options are more affordable than live training. Read more on the professional development webinars that we offer. You can read more about our online classes and workshops. Our live professional development workshops are also an option. Let us know if you need more help.



Date:   2013-03-18 08:39:32
Name:   Mr. Succache
Subject:   School Violence Article
Job Title:   Principal
Number:   2

One of my staff said I had to read your article on preventing school violence but she can’t remember where she found it. Do you know? Looked around your site and don’t see it.

Reply written by Ruth Herman Wells, M.S., Director, Youth Change at 2014-05-15 17:14:33

All of our educational articles are in one place and sorted by topic so you will have no problem seeing everything on school violence in one place. Without more identifying information beyond “school violence,” it’s hard to tell which article you are referring to. Let us know if you don’t find what you need and we can try to figure it out for you. School safety is so important, rest assured that we’re here to help.


Date:   2013-03-18 08:37:40
Name:   Sacha
Subject:   Online Violence Class
Job Title:   In-School Suspension Coordinator
Number:   1

Need a quick way to get better control over in-school suspension program. They don’t do anything I say. They just look me in the eye and walk away. Help!

Reply written by Ruth Herman Wells, M.S., Director, Youth Change at 2014-05-15 17:16:30

Online workshopsPlease read about the most defiant students. They are the ones that are often in detention and in-school suspension. Ordinary methods fail with them. We have courses on the topic and articles too. Find the educational resource articles here.  I am going to suggest a quick online professional development class as your best bet. It’s so important that you have the skills you need to turnaround your most out-of-control, violent, defiant and difficult students.




Date:   2014-04-29 11:09:33
Name:   Rita Morgan
Subject:   Educational Articles
Job Title:   Professional Development Specialist
Number:   55

Have virtually no professional development budget but need to update staff skills for back-to-school in August. Do you have any budget options you can suggest for classroom management help for high school teachers. Thanks.

Reply written by Ruth Herman Wells, M.S., Director, Youth Change at 2014-05-29 14:44:23

online teacher training workshopsWe do have budget options. Check out our online professional development training classes for teachers. These professional development courses offer college credit and clock hours, but the cost starts at just $39. Hope that will work to become your back-to-school professional development inservice on a tiny budget. These online classes can be used with groups and can be viewed on nearly any electronic device including computers, laptops and smart phones



Date:   2014-04-29 10:09:33
Name:   Dana
Subject:   Traumatized Students
Job Title:   School Counselor
Number:   55

Violent, defiant, misbehaved and angry students seem to get all the attention when it comes to articles, professional development inservice training and other resources. I am actually looking for a guide to traumatized students I can share with my teachers as sort of a mini-professional development that we need given the events of late in our region. Can you help me find that. Looking for a quick consultation from a expert on trauma in an easy-to-read educational article or an online class or something similar. Thanks.

Reply written by Ruth Herman Wells, M.S., Director, Youth Change at 2014-05-29 14:34:13

We have countless resources that offer you expert, authoritative help following a traumatic event in the lives of your students. Here, you will find dozens of of educational articles that can serve as how-to guides. You can access even more expert guidance by searching our site via the site search engine. I would estimate that there are dozens of articles, books, workshops and posters, all designed to help you help your traumatized students.



Date:   2014-05-10 09:34:17
Name:   Mrs. Suchall
Subject:   Professional Development
Job Title:   Professional Development Director
Number:   54

Looking for full day professional development workshops for k-12 school district but don’t want to go through a speakers bureau to contract. Do you only book workshops through your bureaus or do you work with districts directly? We would use a school district purchase order to pay at 30 days after the event.

Reply written by Ruth Herman Wells, M.S., Director, Youth Change at 2014-04-10 14:41:56

rwteach16bignbrighterYes, we can work with you directly to set up your professional development seminars for your district. We are happy to work with you directly so long as you have not initiated contact with any the speakers bureaus that represent us. It can be a more affordable option. We do accept school district purchase orders and we invoice you after your workshop has ended. If you would contact us directly and include your phone number, we will give you more details and send you an information packet. Summer and back-to-school inservice dates are often quickly grabbed so be sure to start early if you are considering those dates.



Date:   2014-03-01 09:14:17
Name:   Joni Creswel
Subject:   Smart answer
Job Title:   teacher
Number:   5149

Need a snappy, memorable answer that packs a bit of a bite. I want to be ready for the next time an unskilled, failing high school student tells me that it won’t matter if he drops out, that he’ll be able to get a job, no problem. Do you have anything like that?

Reply written by Ruth Herman Wells, M.S., Director, Youth Change at 2014-03-03 13:31:56

Yes, we have strategies for nearly any student behavioral, social or motivational problem. The next time that the student says it won’t matter if he drops out, if you feel it’s appropriate for this particular teen,  say: “‘I want to hire the most unskilled, uneducated employees I can find,’ said by no boss ever.” Find thousands more strategies for dropout prevention throughout our site, including our Classroom Management Educational Articles.



Date:   2014-03-11 09:12:17
Name:   Alicia Mulroney
Subject:   School Posters that motivate high school students
Job Title:   teacher
Number:   5142

Need a poster for students who are unmotivated, but I don’t want something that looks like all the other motivational posters out there. Do you have anything that could really make a difference?

Reply written by Ruth Herman Wells, M.S., Director, Youth Change at 2014-03-12 10:32:56

Yes, our motivational posters are absolutely off the hook and totally grab students’ attention to motivate, motivate, motivate. Our posters are perfect for any K-12 classroom or school, but don’t take my word for it. See them for yourself and be prepared to be surprised by the variety, intensity and effectiveness that these posters offer. I’ve posted just three of our hundreds of motivational posters. They are (from left to right) Posters #312, Poster #148 and Poster #168.


school postersteacher posterschool poster









Date 2014-01-19 04:23:21 Name: Marylou Subject: Quick Question


I just need a lesson book to motivate students. Do you know where I can find something like that and download it right away?

professional development resourcesWe have three books that fit that criteria, all in our Breakthrough Strategies to Teach and Counsel Troubled Youth book and ebook series. They are all listed on the same page so you just have to scroll down the page until you see Turn On the Turned-Off Student (pictured), Education: Don’t Start the Millennium Without It, and The Last Chance School Success Guide. You can reproduce the worksheets for use with students. There are 20 lessons in each volume, and all teach motivation to your students. The ebook versions take about 30 seconds to download. These books are very popular with teachers who attend our professional development inservice workshops and hopefully you’ll agree too.



Date 2014-02-11 02:20:01 Name: Dr. Arnold: Teacher Inservice Question

I have been tasked with finding online teacher inservice training for my school district for this summer. I don’t understand exactly what is the difference between an online course and a webinar. I think I better figure it out and thought you could explain.

It is confusing. We get this question a lot. An online course is like a video. It is pre-recorded. Unlike an old-fashioned video that you played in your DVD player or VCR, these videos play online like a YouTube video. A webinar is live and can be interactive. Read about our online courses and on-site teacher inservice training webinars to learn more. Both can offer college credit and clock hours.




Date 2014-02-19 04:23:41 Name: Angie Subject: Mental Health Terms

I am confused about some of the mental health terms that are applied to our students. I have heard all of these: bi-polar disorder, conduct disorder, reactive attachment disorder and oppositional-defiant disorder and I am really not clear on what each of those is and how they are different. Can you explain because I think I am struggling with all of these in my classroom. We were supposed to have an inservice on this but it never happened. But I still have the students.

Fortunately, we have an educational article that will explain all those mental health diagnostic terms as they apply to juveniles. It’s a good place to start. The terms “conduct disorder” and “oppositional-defiant disorder really especially confuse many educators so read our helpful article on the topic. I know these articles won’t take the place of your faculty inservice training but it’s a great place to start. Write back if you have more questions.



Date 2014-03-13 23:23:01 Name: Arlene DeGrassi Subject: Defiant Students

I have a boy who openly defies me in front of the other students. He just does whatever he wants and doesn’t care about what I say. I am a new teacher and I never bargained for this level of classroom management problems. He is fearless, seems to never have remorse, and he treats the other students pretty much as badly as he treats me. He’s sneaky though so I don’t know exactly how bad he is treating his peers but I suspect it’s pretty bad. I didn’t have any students this defiant or difficult when I was practice teaching. Before I just quit entirely, what besides sending him to the principal’s office can I do?

teacher inservice trainingTeacher training hasn’t evolved much over the years even though students have changed radically. We continue to train teachers to work with Beaver Cleaver but Beavis and Butthead seem to show up instead. Start by upgrading your skills to fit your unmanageable and defiant students. This educational article is the perfect place to start. Once you’ve read that article and it’s companion piece, notice the list of articles along the right side. I suggest reading through many of the articles on classroom management and defiant students. If possible, sign up for our live or online Breakthrough Strategies to Teach and Counsel Troubled Youth Inservice Training Workshop where you’ll get everything you know to manage unmanageable students. Write back if you need more help. It’s just a matter of getting the methods that fit this particular type of student.



teacher professional development resources