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On this page, are more details on Youth Change Workshops’ professional development courses. You can schedule any of these courses as an on-site training, a live webinar or a full or breakout workshop at your professional development conference or inservice day. Call 1.800.545.5736 or click to email.

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  • professional development for teachersBreakthrough Strategies to Teach and  Counsel Troubled Youth Workshop

    Our signature workshop is also our most comprehensive workshop, offered in 1, 1.5 and 2 day sessions, plus shorter “Best of” sessions that deliver dozens of ready-to-use, must-have strategies for any school, emotional, social or behavioral problem. If you are serious about wanting to solve your most serious student issues, this comprehensive workshop is the one or two day investment that will deliver unending results, results, results. Working with difficult youth doesn’t have to be so difficult with our problem-stopping strategies.

  • Control the Uncontrollable Student professional development course  
    One of our most popular conference offerings, this workshop often overfills. The “More Info” link describes the online version of this information-packed, problem-stopping workshop but the description accurately conveys how this course can help participants prevent or better manage the most hard-to-manage, out-of-control children and teens. If “nothing works” to rein in some of your very unmanageable students, this is the ideal course to turn it all around. All strategies are use-now and designed to work when conventional approaches fail.

  • Maximum-Strength Motivation-Makers professional development course

    Regardless of whether students plan to never need school because they hope to be sports stars, go on welfare, marry a wealthy spouse, or have their family take care of them, this course lights a fire under even the most resolutely unmotivated students. No matter why a child or teen believes school is a waste, this course has the use-now, powerhouse intervention strategies you need to motivate even the most apathetic and disengaged children and teens.

  • What Works with Work Refusers: How to Help Students Who Refuse to Work in School

    Finally a workshop that explains exactly why some students do little or nothing in school, then shows you specific steps you can take to maximize the results these youngsters achieve. This course includes a focus on students who are often mute or minimally verbal, have mental health issues, are in crises, or have a long history of work refusal and/or underperforming in school and class.

  • Dozens of Deterrents to Dropping Out

    This course is packed with the powerhouse motivational methods you’ve been looking for to prevent and reverse dropping out. This course even has sensational motivational strategies for students who believe they will never need school, education or a diploma because they plan to be sports stars, models, win the lottery, go on welfare or marry a wealthy person.

  • Classroom Management Problems Stop Here

    Discover how to finally have the classroom you’ve always needed and wanted– even if you are currently facing serious student defiance, disrespect, truancy, bad attitudes and out-of-control behavior that seems unfixable. Working with difficult students doesn’t have to be so difficult. This powerful course delivers real-world solutions that will work even with the most persistently unmanageable students and classrooms. Classroom behavior management problems can be stopped. This class shows you how.

  • Cyberbullying Prevention Solutions That Work

    It can seem nearly impossible to stop cyberbullying, especially if a lot of the problem occurs beyond school hours. This course shows you both prevention and intervention strategies that can work when other methods have failed. These potent behavior change strategies are designed for use with students of any age, and are more powerful, compelling and attention-grabbing than conventional methods.


  • “Your Mama 101:” Real-World Anger Control Methods That Work

    You expect and need students to use civilized self-control methods to rein in their angry, aggressive and violent behavior, but many students seem to have no idea how to stay in charge of themselves. This course guides you step-by-step to learn practical, powerful, innovative strategies to teach students self-control, anger management and temper control. These methods are designed to help any student but are especially useful with students with the most serious and persistent temper tantrums, violence and outbursts. This course is a guaranteed eye-opener that can turnaround even the most aggressive, disrespectful, agitated and angry students, including students who bully their peers.

  • Must-Know Violence Prevention You Weren’t Taught in College

    Juvenile justice and youth mental health staff are extensively trained on specialized methods that have been designed, tested and honed to work with the most out-of-control, violent and difficult students. Now you can quickly learn those more effective, highly targeted methods that can help you get back in charge of even the most unmanageable, defiant, delinquent, aggressive and assaultive children and teens. Stop worrying if you can control impossible-to-control students, and learn the ready-to-use, customized violence prevention and intervention strategies that have been created to work when conventional approaches fail.


  • What You Don’t Know About Conduct Disorders Can Hurt You

    Students with conduct disorder are your most misbehaved students by far, yet most educators are never taught how to work successfully with this hardest of all students to manage. This must-have course explains the terminology, shows you what makes this youngster tick, and then explains exactly how to successfully work with your students who are the most impossible to manage. This information-packed course delivers immediate, ready-to-use strategies that are must-have methods you have to use to succeed with students who are extremely manipulative, violent, defiant, destructive and/or delinquent. This practical course is also the ideal source of the best answers for bullies, negative leaders and students who pose extreme behavior management problems. Even though it may seem like “nothing works” with students with conduct disorder, you’ll discover the solutions that can give you the kind of control and insight that you’ve been needing to keep your classroom, group and office safe, in control and manageable.

  • You Probably Can’t Name the #1 Girls’ Problem

    Learn the surprising truth about the most common problem that female students can face: sexual abuse and incest. An estimated 1 in 3 girls has faced sexual assault, with most of the victims actually facing incest. This reality colors every aspect of that girls’ life, including her behavior and the results she gets in school. Learn how counselors and teachers can more readily notice and identify these students and help them cope and benefit from school. Many student behavior problems have their origins in abuse. Learn how you can avoid adding to these students’ woes while helping them succeed as much as possible in school, at your site and in life.

  • The More You Learn, The More You Earn

    In this information-packed course, you will learn dozens of attention-grabbing motivational strategies to motivate even the most unmotivated K-12 students. You will learn how much more money high school grads earn versus dropouts, plus discover dozens of additional must-have prevention and intervention strategies that convince students that the more they learn, the more they earn. All the motivational methods included in this practical course are designed to work when conventional motivational strategies have failed.

  • Spot and Stop Extreme Violence Before It Starts

    In the age of school shootings and other serious incidents in K-12 settings, this course is an essential school violence safety workshop that can deliver life-saving results. You will learn who is usually your most violent student, and how to best anticipate and moderate their conduct. You will also learn which other students are your highest risk youngsters, and you will receive step-by-step guidance on how to best intervene or prevent the problem behavior of all these youngsters. This course gives the basics of child and adolescent mental health so you are best equipped to keep your site, students and staff as safe as possible. Don’t risk trying to “get by” without the essential, bottom-line, basic mental health training your site needs to best ensure student safety. While this course doesn’t give you any “magic answers,” it does give you some of the best insight and strategies that exist to best ensure safety at your school, program or site.

  • Build a Better New School Year

    It is always easier to start off strong than attempt to tighten up an out-of-control classroom or school. This essential teacher training course explains exactly how to build a better school year, minus the customary classroom management problems. If classroom and student behavior management have become a struggle, this course shows you exactly how to avoid the problems and finally get the student behavior that you need to run an effective K-12 classroom. This course includes coverage of strategies for students with ADHD, students with bad attitudes, students who are defiant, disrespectful and off-task. Any school and classroom behavior problem can be covered.

  • Gender-Proficient Strategies for Girls

    Many student intervention and prevention strategies are primarily geared for boys, or are gender-neutral, but there are times when specific strategies for girls are needed. This popular training course gives you gender-proficient strategies for what are often considered “girls’ issues.” Learn colorful, targeted methods for problems like appropriate dress, social concerns, safety, romantic involvement, domestic violence, abuse and more. One-gender-fits-all methods fit no one. This course gives you the methods you need to fit the special, unique needs of girls and young women.

  • The Best Negativity and Apathy Busters   more details

  • No-Excuses Impulse Control

    If you work with students who have ADHD, are impulsive, frequently misbehaved, apathetic, hyperactive or high-energy, this course has your solutions. Learn dozens of specific strategies to teach students to think before taking action, and to better learn from their mistakes. You will also discover attention-grabbing, more effective methods to transform apathy and negative attitudes– even with students who are severely negative and have been so for a long time.


  • Help! My Classroom is Out of Control– and Getting Worse

    Stop wishing that your classroom management problems will  improve, and take concrete steps to resolve them instead. This course delivers concrete, measurable results– even for classroom that have been severely out-of-control, or has been problematic for a very long time. All interventions are designed to be more effective, targeted and useful than what you are doing now. What kind of year will it be without these innovative solutions from the classroom behavior management experts at Youth Change?

  • The Best of: Breakthrough Strategies to Teach and Counsel Troubled Youthteacher course

    For short sessions of less than two days, you can get just the very best, most useful strategies from Youth Change’s signature course, Breakthrough Strategies to Teach and Counsel Troubled Youth. Any social, emotional, behavioral or school problem can be covered.

  • What to Do About Bullies (It’s Not What You Think)

    Controlling bullies can be an incredibly time-consuming and thankless chore that may not yield the results you need. Let a mental health expert explain to you what you can do that will work better than your current approaches. This course will also debunk the inaccurate assumptions that are often associated with how to manage bullies and bullying, and will show you a more accurate view. There are tested methods that have a superior track record that can make all the difference, and this class will deliver them to you so that you are immediately ready to use them to better prevent and manage K-12 bullying.

  • What ‘s a Teacher to Do About Emotionally Disturbed Students?

    If you’re like most teachers, you’re seeing more and more severely emotionally disturbed students. If you’re like most teachers, you may have had scant practical mental health training to know how to best teach and manage your S.E.D. students. This class fixes that by flooding you with the mental health basics you need, and the targeted solutions you can use to best reach and teach troubled students.

  • The Truth About Child Sexual Abuse

    1 in 3 girls and 1 in 5 boys may be sexual abuse survivors. Their abuse often fuels their behavioral, emotional, academic and social problems that interfere with learning and succeeding in school. Learn specific do’s and don’ts for how to best teach and counsel these youngsters. This course is geared for both teachers and counselors, as well as other youth professionals and para-professionals.

  • How to Keep Kids in the Classroom and Out of the Principal’s Office

    If classroom behavior management problems have turned the principal’s office into the place where behavior problems are solved, that’s not an ideal way to run a school. Ideally, every teacher would be well-equipped and successful managing even hard-to-manage students. This course delivers just that. It shows how to control uncontrollable students and have excellent classroom management– even when there are many difficult, defiant, angry, troubled and misbehaved students.

  • How to Transform Kids into Students   more details


  • Everything They Don’t Teach Teachers in College That Teachers Desperately Need to Know

    80% of teacher training typically focuses on content, with a scant 20% focusing on those human factors that can dominate each school day– problems like truancy, misconduct, defiance, work refusal, bad attitudes, tardiness and more. This workshop bridges that gap and shows teachers everything they weren’t taught in college about successfully and realistically managing students’ behavior, attitudes, performance and motivation. If your training prepared you to work with Beaver Cleaver, but you have Beavis and Butthead showing up instead, this workshop will be a crash course in all the practical and preventative techniques that you weren’t offered in college.

  • What to Do About Delinquents– and What Not to Do

    You’ve probably already discovered that generic, ordinary methods often fail with delinquent students. Stop guessing at what to do and let this class show you what works instead. Switching to tested methods with a history of success will transform the results you get with your most hard-to-manage students. You will learn both preventative and intervention methods specifically created for the most misbehaved children and teens.

  • The Greatest Strategies for the Latest Students

    Schools normally have no formal curriculum or plan to teach students about attendance and punctuality. However, great lesson plans, worksheets, posters and strategies exist to teach students in grades K through 12 how to arrive to school on time, and to pass promptly from class to class. Stop working with students who have not been taught the skills, motivation and attitudes they need to be consistently punctual. Teach your students everything they need to know about attendance and punctuality and you will likely soon see measurable, concrete results that are more positive than you might have imagined.

  • I Need to Be a Mental Health Expert! A Teacher’s Guide to Understanding Mental Health Terms and S.E.D. Students

    Today’s schools and classrooms abound with students who face emotional problems, crises and challenges. Stop guessing what to do to help these children and teens succeed in school. This class shows you exactly what to do– and what to never do– to maximize the results challenged students achieve in the classroom and throughout school.

  • Games and Fun Activities to Teach Personal Space and Distance

    Have you always wished that someone would just give you an arsenal of tips, tricks, games, activities and methods to stop the issues you face with students’ personal space and distance? If you’re tired of students who have their hands on peers, or invade the personal space of other students or staff, this is the course than can equip you with the best strategies that exist to teach Pre-K to Grade 12 students appropriate personal space and distance.

  • Cyber Smart in a Wired World

    In our brave new world, students can be very vulnerable to all kinds of hazards. This course shows you how to prevent cyber issues before they start, and helps you know how to manage mobile phones, tablets, computer, laptops and other electronic devices that are in your classroom, school, and in students’ homes and hands. Virtual problems can become very serious in the real world. Prevent and intervene in cyber safety issues using the most effective approaches. This course offers you dozens of our most popular, problem-stopping strategies to help protect students online.

  • What Do I Do Now? How to Work with Difficult Students and Families

    If you’re seeing more and more troubled students and families, and you’re not quite sure what to expect and what to do, this workshop has your answers. Let a mental health and family expert explain what you’re seeing and show you improved, more effective methods that you can use right away.

  • Learning to Like the Kid in the Mirror: Build Students’ Self-Esteem and Confidence

    Help students with low self-esteem to feel more positively about themselves. This course is packed with engaging, effective self-esteem building strategies, lessons, worksheets and activities. You know you want to help ease the pain of students with low self-esteem. This course shows you how.

  • Peer Skill Repair: Teaching Warring Students to Get Along

    Peer problems may dominate your classroom, halls and cafeteria. This course floods you with ready-to-use strategies to prevent and manage peer problems. If you’re serious about reducing peer conflict, bullying, peer set-ups, and problems with gossip and cliques, this course will deliver immediate, must-have answers.

  • Ask an Expert: A Veteran Mental Health Professional Answers Your Questions About Problem and Troubled Students

    If you’ve ever wished that you had a mental health consultant you could contact whenever you encounter students who present big mental health or family problems, this course offers you that chance. Ask a mental health expert and you will receive specific, ready-to-use explanations, strategies and guidance. Stop wishing you knew what to do about students who struggle. This course will show you what works and take the guesswork out of teaching today’s more troubled students.

  • Build On-the-Job Success Skills for Adolescents

    If it’s been an uphill battle to teach your adolescents how to behave on the job and in interviews, this course will deliver dozens of ready-to-use, more effective, innovative job success strategies. These colorful, creative, inventive strategies have been honed and tested with students like yours and have been shown to help even the most troubled and difficult students to achieve better results securing and keeping employment.

  • Ready, Set, Go! Build Independent Living Skills for Adolescents

    If you’ve been wishing there were innovative, engaging, more effective strategies to prepare older adolescents to succeed in independent living, stop wishing and come to this course. It is filled with delightfully different, inventive strategies, lessons, worksheets and tools that are all designed to help older teens transition successfully into independent living. These honed and tested methods have been shown to improve the results transitioning students experience, and they can help your students too.

rwteach17brighterOther breakout workshop topics are available. Contact us now to set up your workshop crafted to effectively address you specific topic. Call toll-free to 1.800.545.5736, or email.

Whatever school, social, or emotional problem your children and youth present, we have a powerful, problem-stopping workshop that can help.

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