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Here’s fast information on counselor, principal, educator and teacher professional development grants so you can attend inservice trainings, conferences, workshops, seminars and courses– including coming to our popular problem-stopping training conference event, Breakthrough Strategies to Teach and Counsel Troubled Youth.

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For our signature workshopBreakthrough Strategies to Teach and Counsel Troubled Youth, receiving a scholarship is usually really fast and easy. All you have to do is tell us you have a poor budget and if we still have open scholarships, it is yours. Scholarships are offered to professionals, paraprofessionals, students, retirees and parents. Click to read the quick details of our scholarships, or, to move faster, simply call us at 503-982-4220 or 1-800-545-5736.

Below is grant information offered by other entities. Youth Change Professional Workshops has no ties to these groups and is providing this counselor, educator, principal, teacher professional development grants acquisition information as a community service.

The grant, scholarship and funding resource links listed below can expire but this page will be updated regularly with the latest counselor and teacher grant information.

The counselor, principal, educator and teacher professional development grant information presented here focuses especially on the following areas: teaching, special education, student classroom management, behavior management, guidance counseling, school counseling, trauma-informed schools, student motivation and student mental health. The professional development grant, scholarship and funding information included below covers students in grades Pre-K through high school.

Questions? Youth Change Professional Development Workshops is here to help. Contact us.



teacher professional development grantsProfessional Development Grants

for Teachers, Educators, Principals, Counselors, Juvenile Justice Workers and Paraprofessionals



Youth Change Professional Development
  Scholarships and Funding Assistance

Our site offers fast and easy scholarships for our workshops. We can also sometimes assist with budget constraints and help you get some of the problem-stopping resources shown on our site. Scholarship information is here, or call 1-503-982-4220. If you want to purchase some of our posters and books but have budget concerns, call us at 1-503-982-4220 to see if we can sell you the item in very lightly damaged condition, for half-price. We have most items in damaged condition, but not all. We also offer budget posters at dramatically reduced prices. We care about you and your students. We never want someone to go without if we can help it. Contact us if you need financial assistance and we’ll see if we can help.

grants for teacher workshops

Teacher-focused site that offers step-by-step help to find both teacher professional development training grants as well as scholarships for conferences, workshops, seminars, courses and institutes

grants for teacher workshops

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Offers suggestions for scholarships and grants for math-related professional development events.

grants for teacher workshops

Grants for Teachers

A tightly focused, easy-to-use site wants to change lives and has extensive lists of professional development grants for teachers.

grants for teacher workshops

Funding and Grants for Your School

The grants and funding sources mentioned on this site go beyond just professional development workshop training grants; funding help with classroom and school supplies and resources are also included.

grants for teacher workshops


A helpful site strives to make professional development continuing education for teachers more affordable and attainable.

grants for teacher workshops

Grant Watch for Schools

An easy-to-use, very large site with live online human help to secure funding for teacher professional development workshops as well as classroom and school purchases of resources.

grants for teacher workshops

U.S. Department of Education

A large, comprehensive federal site with an enormous amount of grant and funding resources for teachers and other educators.



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