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teacher inservice resourcesIf you're on this page, chances are you're looking for specific professional development solutions for your school, classroom, group room or guidance counseling office. You've reached Youth Change Professional Development Workshops' Classroom Management Forum.

The Classroom Management Forum is the best place to access expert help and get professional development ideas and solutions. The forum covers almost any social, emotional or behavioral problem that children and adolescents can present. The forum's expert help and innovative ideas also can address school problems like poor motivation, academic failure, discouraged learners, special needs, class discussion skills, teacher interaction skills and attendance.

This forum is designed to be your classroom management solution and professional development idea generator. The forum is staffed by mental health, K-12 education and special ed experts who are armed with the newest and best strategies to turnaround whatever issues your students present.

Youth Change Professional Development Workshops is your Problem Student Problem-Solver. Youth Change Workshops has been the authority on troubled and challenged students since 1989 and we're here to help any youth professional. We are ready to  help any teacher, counselor, social worker, teaching assistant, principal, guidance counselor, juvenile court officer, foster parent, mental health clinician, parole officer, juvenile police officer or school district staff member. We've got the best ideas to turnaround troubled students and we want to share those innovative ideas with you.

This page is Youth Change Workshops' Classroom Management Archives for 2015. On this page, you can read past posts with our K-12 education expert's best answers.

Our huge website is also ready to help you with student behavior problems and all your professional development needs. You will find educational K-12 articles, online professional development workshops and webinars, live training workshops, classroom posters, books and ebooks. The experts at Youth Change Workshop are here to help you. Call 1.800.545.5736 or email us.

The Classroom Management Forum is an educational, free professional development service to the K-12 education and mental health counseling communities. Youth Change wrote the book on problem students, and we teach the class. When you think of problem students, think of us.





teacher professional development ideas

Answers written by

Author, Keynote Speaker

and Trainer

Ruth Herman Wells, M.S.






Date:   2015-01-02
Name:   SueAnne
Subject:  Teacher Professional Development Ideas
Job Title:   Teacher

Our school doesn't have much budget or time. We are seeing lots of problems in our school with student acting-out. It is getting worse all the time and we are at a loss for what to do next. I don't suppose you have any low cost solutions, do you?


Reply written by Ruth Herman Wells, M.S., Director, Youth Change at 2014-01-02

teacher professional developmentWe may be able to help. Our online classes start at just $39 and are available immediately once you purchase them. Our online professional development workshops are found here.

The class that would fit best is our course on conduct disorders called Control Uncontrollable Students. It explains why some students are so out of control, tells you why your current strategies have failed, and then shows you what you can do instead. It's a really great teacher training course that can make your next professional development day your most useful professional development day ever. It will really open your eyes to what makes these students tick, and will guide you step-by-step to use more effective strategies.



Date:   2015-01-03

Name:   Zina
Subject:  Ideas for motivating students who do nothing whatsoever
Job Title:   Lead Teacher

Our school seems packed this year with students who do absolutely nothing at all. They seem to think that they are in school to sleep, socialize, eat, use the bathroom, argue or hang out. They seem to have no idea why they come into school each day. It's all a joke to them. What I am looking for is specific ideas on how to fire up these bored, uninterested students before they fall so far behind that they don't graduate. I'm at a high school, and it's both boys and girls.


Reply written by Ruth Herman Wells, M.S., Director, Youth Change at 2014-01-03

teacher professional developmentWe have amazing motivational strategies for you. You can choose which ones you like best. Our ideas to motivate students include posters, lessons, worksheets, books, ebooks, audio books, educational articles live and on-site teacher professional development courses, plus online teacher professional development workshops.

Click on the links above to go to the solutions that you think would fit best for you and your particular students. We have so many more effective and creative professional development ideas that you are certain to find some that will work for your students, your staff, and your site.

Poster #459, shown at right, is an example of the kinds of compelling, impossible-to-ignore interventions and ideas we have ready to power up your students to care about school, and work harder in class.



Date:   2015-01-07


Name:   Donetta
Subject:  Dropout rate
Job Title: HISD Staff Development Director

Our district is focusing on finding new, innovative ideas and tools to prevent and stop violence. Your site came up when I searched but I don't understand what you do. We're looking for presenters and speakers this summer on school safety, violence prevention, bullying, cyberbullying, unmanageable students and similar topics. Is that what you do?


Teacher professional development ideasReply written by Ruth Herman Wells, M.S., Director, Youth Change at 2014-01-08

Yes, that's exactly what we do. We are one of the oldest and best known teacher professional development training companies in North America, and one of the few that specializes in ideas and strategies for violence prevention, school safety, adjudicated students, bullying prevention and similar areas.

teacher workshopLearn more about Youth Change Professional Development Workshops here. Learn about our on-site professional development presentations here. If you prefer to talk by phone, call us at 1.800.545.5736 and we can talk about tailoring a workshop or keynote presentation that would precisely fit your district's needs. We are a little tough to book in summer as that is when everybody wants to schedule back-to-school professional development but if you start early enough, open days shouldn't be a problem.

All our professional development training workshops are practical, packed with information and provide hundreds of ready-to-use strategies. One of our most popular on-site workshops is Control the Uncontrollable Student, which sounds like it could be a perfect fit for your school district's summer professional development this year. I hope that you'll call soon while open summer P.D. dates remain. In the meantime, look at a sampling of our teacher training professional development topics here.



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