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Classroom Management Problems Solved Here

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author Ruth Herman WellsYouth Change Director, Ruth Herman Wells M.S. writes the Classroom Management Problems Solved column for SEEN Magazine.

SEEN Magazine is a leading educational print publication geared especially for K-12 teachers, principals, teaching assistants, school psychologists, guidance counselors, administrators, student assistance workers, special ed teachers, and other educators in the southeastern U.S.

classroom posterMost of Ruth's columns include free teacher professional development resources like printable student worksheets, classroom posters, online teacher training classes and more.

You can read all of Ruth Herman Wells' current and past columns right here on Youth Change Professional Development Workshops' website.

You can also pick up the free worksheets, online classes, posters, articles, and other problem-stopping teacher professional development resources from all five years of Ruth's previous SEEN Magazine columns.

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motivation for school printable worksheetThere are hundreds of great teacher professional development resources all through Youth Change Workshop's huge website. Every kind of teacher training resource imaginable from online classes to student activities to tutorials are all right here on this site.

There are literally hundreds of free professional development interventions, printables, K-12 educational articles, all packed with free interventions that teachers, principals and educators can use right away to address even the most serious classroom and school behavioral and discipline problems. Even family problems, mental health issues, and social difficulties are also covered.

What's the best teacher professional development freebie on the site?  Sign up for our free Behavior and Classroom Management Problem-Solver Blog and free intervention printable worksheet sampler. Youth Change Workshops

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K-12 Schools Need a Makeover


Includes Free School Skills Training Resources


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Spring 2016 SEEN Magazine


There is a free professional development resource included with this SEEN Magazine column. It's a student lesson plan and printable worksheet on attendance that shows the value of School Skills Training as a regular part of the curriculum.




Permission is granted to reproduce teacher professional development toolsthe lesson plan and printable student worksheet for use in your classroom.

The student lesson and worksheet are taken from our Turn On the Turned-Off Student lesson book. View more resources like these.

Download the lesson plan and printable worksheet here.





K-12 Schools Need a Makeover

Includes Free School Skills Training Resources


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Behavior and Classroom Management Blog
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