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Here at Youth Change Professional Development Workshops, we get asked all the time by people from all over the internet and all over the world if they can use our famous cartoons, images and clipart on their websites, in their blog, in their print publications, project, thesis, homework assignment or video. We always say "no" because the style of our specially created images is so tightly associated with Youth Change's workshops, posters, books, student classroom behavior management worksheets and our other professional development resources for educators and mental health staff.

But, we're going to make a little bit of an exception for U.S. and Canadian teachers, counselors principals and other educators, youth workers and mental health professionals. If you work in K12 education, juvenile mental health, or if you're a family therapist, foster parent or child therapist, we're going to share our some of our popular cartoons, images and clipart resources with you for free. The image resources that are included to be shared are shown below under the headline "Images" further down this page. Image resources elsewhere on the page or elsewhere on the site are not available for your use and are copyright protected by Youth Change Workshops.

*Rules for Using Image Resources

1. Non-Commercial, Educational Use Only

If you comply with our rules and are a current U.S. or Canadian K12 educator, counselor or youth worker, you can copy and use our graphics for non-commercial, educational purposes that directly relate to your work with students. For example, the graphics can be used on signs for your classroom. You can't use our graphics for any project that involves earning money, so you can't use them to sell raffle tickets, for example.

2. Include Attribution

If you decide to use some of the free image, cartoon and clipart  resources, we require that you include the notification shown below on the same page, or in the same area as the image you use. In addition, if you post the images online, the link to our site must be visible and clickable.

U.S. and Canadian non-commercial, educational use of images by permission of Youth Change Professional Development Workshops, Get free images, free worksheets, plus classroom management workshops, posters and other resources from Youth Change Workshops.

Free* Image Resources

To download the images below, simply put your cursor on the selected resource and right click, then "Save As."  Please be sure you are carefully following the image copyright reproduction rules above and adding the required attribution.

student in crisis

Elementary School Student

school success

Successful Student









classroom resource

Stars in the Classroom

difficult student

Student with Problems



Successful Student


Motivate Students

classroom management problems

Classroom Disruption

Hyperactive Student

Student with ADHD


defiant students

Defiant Student

Tardy Student

Class Attendance




successful students

School Success

high school graduate




Teaching Students

High School Student




unmotivated students

Unmotivated Student

bored student

Unmotivated Student

Failing student

Failing the Test

Classroom Teacher

Classroom Teacher

Student Defiance

School Discipline Problem

Middle School Student

Middle School Student


math teacher

High School Teacher


High School Diploma

Middle School Student

New Student in Class

Violent Student

Bullies in Class