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How can I order?

Order online, mail, email, phone, or fax. Call Youth Change Workshops at 1.800.545.5736. Fax 1.503.982.7910. Mail Youth Change Workshops at 275 N. Third St., Woodburn, OR 97071. Email Youth Change Workshops here.


What forms of payment are accepted?credit cards for store

Checks, Mastercard, Visa, Amex, Discover, debit cards, Pay Pal and purchase orders are all accepted. We can also take your credit card through Clickbank and recommend it for international orders, especially if you encounter problems with our regular order form. You can find the Clickbank order area here.


Do I have to pay state tax?

If you are from a state where sales tax is required for your purchase, we pay it for you.  That means no tax to you.


Is it safe to shop with you?

Absolutely. At the bottom of every page, you can see our security seals that document that we offer secure shopping carts and checkout. Two of those seals are also shown here directly below. Youth Change Professional Development Workshops has been around over two decades, and is one of the top counselor-teacher professional development providers and publishers in North America. Read more about Youth Change Professional Development Workshops here or call us at 1.800.545-5736. We’re happy to help.

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How does shipping work?

We normally ship your order right away. U.S. shipping is free when you order more than $15. If you order less than $15, shipping is $8 in the U.S. There is a $12 shipping charge for all orders from Canada. Shipping costs for international orders will be calculated and emailed to you for approval and payment once your order is received.

What is your return and refund policy?

People love our books, eBooks, workshops, eclasses and posters. For more than two decades, we never got requests for returns and we never developed a mechanism to manage returns or refunds. Since we never created a way to process return or refund requests, it seemed to make sense to formally adopt a no return or refund policy to match, so we did. That is why we offer free samples so you can check out our resources before you order (click here). If you get a defective or incorrect item, we will correct the problem immediately. For our refund policy for our live workshops, check our workshop flyer for the whole policy, but note that there are no refunds given within 35 days of the workshop start, and work-study slots are not refundable at any time.


When do you ship?

Usually same or next day. We usually use USPS or FedEx. If you need expedited shipping, we will only charge you our actual additional cost to upgrade your shipping speed. Call us at 503.982.4220 to ask for the cost on the expedited shipping option you want. Regular shipping is free for U.S. orders over $15.


Where is your store on the site?

It’s here and you can reach it from the navigation bar on the top of every page.


I’m confused about my order. How do I get help?

You can see your transactions by going to the top navigation bar at the top of the page. Select “Visit Store” at the top right, then select “Account.” We are always happy to assist you too. Contact Youth Change Workshops here.


What countries do you sell to?

Just select your country from the list on the store order form. Most North American, European and Asian countries are listed. Countries we serve include Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. If your country isn’t listed, we may be able to add it to the list. Email us. If you are an international customer having problems getting your order to go through, you can also switch to our Clickbank ordering area.


My international credit card order is not being accepted by your system.

Please select the PayPal option on the order form and use your credit card that way. Alternatively, use your credit card in our Clickbank ordering area. That area is especially for international customers. You can also email us for help, or call 011-503-982-4220, or fax your credit card information to 011-503-982-7910.

Where is your catalog?

Click here.


What are eBooks?

They are books sent to you electronically as PDFs. You can read and print the books within seconds. It’s amazingly fast, and you get the whole book. There is no shipping charge for eBooks, and we provide outstanding customer care if you have any problems, but eBooks are really, really easy to buy and use.


Can I really read my ebook instantly?

Yes. Your eBooks can be read immediately in the PDF format you see and use all the time. PDF is the most common way to easily get documents quickly. Nearly everyone has it on their computer. Don’t have PDF? Need to update your PDF software? No problem. It’s fast and easy to download it here for free.

Exactly how do eBooks work?

If you haven’t already tried eBooks, you’re missing out. They are very easy to use. Your ebook link is waiting for you on the page where you land after making your purchase. You click that link and your ebook opens. Simply click the “Print” or “Save” icons on the PDF reader to print or save your ebook. It’s that easy. You are granted permission to print your eBooks once to make a single copy, but you are also permitted to duplicate the lesson handouts (only) for your use with students. Almost every computer has PDF software. If your device doesn’t, click here to get it free.


How do I know if your eBooks will work on my phone, tablet, laptop, etc.

Our books use the most common file sharing format on the internet, Adobe PDF. While we can’t promise our books will open on every device on earth, they do open on the vast majority of them. If you can open a PDF, you can open our books. Here is a PDF you can try to open to see if your device is able to open this type of file. Note that the PDF will open in a new window. (It’s our product catalog.) If you can’t open an ebook, contact Youth Change. If we can’t help you figure it out, we can send you a print copy if you simply pay for the shipping.


Is it okay to share eBooks and online classes with others?

No, all our resources are covered by copyright and can’t be shared or duplicated in any manner, other than student worksheets may be duplicated by you for your use with your students. You can contact Youth Change to get the details of purchasing a license to share a specific ebook or online class that would allow you to disseminate the resources to a fixed set of people.


How are virtual products like eBooks, audio books and online classes delivered?

After you finish paying, you will be automatically flipped to a new page on our site. You will see the link (or links for multiple products) to reach your ebook, online class or audio book. The eBooks are PDFs, and the online classes and audio books play like videos. You just click “Play.” If you need help, we provide exceptional customer care and are always happy to assist you to get everything working right. However, most people get their virtual product in seconds and don’t need any help because it’s normally pretty easy. If it’s not easy for you, then ask us for help. Our contact information is here.


 What is your cancellation policy for live, in-person workshop registrations?

We permit you to get a full credit for a missed workshop. That means you can come to any future workshop we sponsor. You can also send a substitute in your place. Check the back page of our current workshop flyer if you need more details on our cancellation policy for live workshops. There are no refunds for work-study scholarship slots.

What are online classes?

They are videos that you download and watch. It’s just like watching a youTube video. All our online classes include free clock hours too.


What happens if I have a problem with my order?

This store is different. We care about the teachers, counselors and youth professionals who make purchases. We provide attentive, prompt customer service should you ever have difficulty. We care about you and will work with you to resolve any problems. We normally respond within hours of your first contact on business days. Youth Change Workshops’ toll free number is 1.800.545.5736. Call us, email, or contact us through another method. We’ll help.


Do you have a printable Product List so I can see everything you have?

Yes, scroll below to see it. You can also download our catalog.

help with student behavior problems

Youth Change’s

Problem-Solver Store


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  Breakthrough Strategies 10 Hour Live Workshop…From $169


Breakthrough Strategies 10 Hour Online Workshop…$189
Conduct Disorder 3 Hour Online Workshop…$49
Motivation 1 Hour Online Workshop…$39
At-Risk Student 1 Hour Online Workshop…$39
Control the Uncontrollable Student 1 Hour Online Workshop…$39


Breakthrough Strategies Book Set
Set 11 Books or eBooks…$139

Breakthrough Strategies Selected Books
Books or eBooks…$15
A Child’s Guide to Troubled Family
All-Time Favorite Lessons
Build On the Job Success
Coping Skills Sampler
Education: Don’t Start Millennium
Ready, Set, Go for Independent Living
Last Chance School Success
Learn to Like the Kid in the Mirror
Temper and Tantrum Tamers
Turn On the Turned-Off Student
What Every Girl Needs to Know

The Quickest Kid Fixer-Upper Books
Set 4 Books or eBooks…$60
Books or eBooks…$15
Volume 1 Volume 2 Volume 3 Volume 4

Behavior Change Handouts
Set of 2 Books or eBooks…$49
Control Myself and Feelings Book or eBook…$28
Becoming Motivated and Prepared Student Book or eBook…$28

     All the Best Answers for the Worst Problems Books   Click for details
     Set 3 Books, eBooks, Audio Books…$45
     Books, eBooks, Audio Books…$15
     Anti-Social, Motivation, Favorites…$15

Personal Power Student Effectiveness Training Series by Pro Ed
4 Volumes in Paperback


  Choose from hundreds of choices: Posters…$8


help with student behavior problems