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K-12 education is hungry for new, innovative ideas on how to better motivate, engage and teach students with challenges, mental health concerns and behavior problems. So, it’s no surprise that Youth Change Professional Development Workshops has been in the news so frequently that our updates don’t fit on a single web page or even multiple web pages anymore. We’re a top counselor and teacher training provider and have been at the top for more than twenty years. We set the standard for excellence in professional development.

Teacher TrainingOn this page, you will find older news from 2011-2012. The articles will update you on our ebooks and books, upcoming counselor and teacher training workshops, online courses with college credit and clock hours, amazing classroom posters, new online on-site workshops and much more. You can also keep up with us by signing up for our free Behavior and Classroom Management Problem-Solver Blog that goes out by email monthly and is packed with newest and best behavior management strategies and training resources. This page is also the place where we brag a bit about the awards and reviews that we receive.

Links can change so if a link fails, let us know. We will try to locate the resource for you. Everyone here at Youth Change Workshops is ready to help you with your professional development resources questions and training needs, so be sure to let us know if we can assist you further. You can email us or call 503.982.4220.


Youth Change Workshops’ Director
Ruth Herman Wells M.S. Named Expert

workshop presenter Ruth WellsYouth Change Director and Trainer Ruth Herman Wells M.S. is the newest expert on AllExperts.com, and you can reach her by clicking here. Alternatively, you can ask Ruth a question on anything related to problem students, bad behavior, motivation, attitude, poor discipline, and school failure on our site right here.   June, 2012.


Seattle, Washington
Added to Teacher Seminar Training Schedule

breakthrough strategies to counsel kids workbookYouth Change announces that Seattle, Washington has been added to the training schedule for Spring, 2013. Youth Change’s popular Breakthrough Strategies to Teach and Counsel Education Conference will be held May 2-3, 2013. Find details on our problem-stopping K-12 conference here (click). Teachers with a bad budget can get information on financial aid on that page too. Online and distance learning options are also available here. Call 1-800-545-5736 with questions, to register, or to get the special conference rate on guest rooms for our Seattle event.   June, 2012.


Teachers and Counselors Can Now Find Expert Help
from Youth Change Workshops on Listorious

Got questions about your unruly, angry, failing, or bullied students? Youth Change Workshops has the answers you need. Now teachers and principals can ask questions via one of the web’s newest social media outlets, listorious.com. Of course, Youth Change continues to offer teachers and other youth workers free, live expert help at it’s website. Youth Change’s on-site (click), online workshops (click) remain available to youth workers as well.   May, 2012.


Youth Change Workshops Posts Boards for Teachers and Counselors
on Pinterest

Now teachers and principals can learn about Youth Change’s training options (click) more visually via Pinterest. The new Pinterest board contains snapshots of an actual training event, along with details on Youth Change’s live, on-site, online, and online distance learning seminars.   February, 2012.


Youth Change Workshops
Joins Pinterest;
Includes Free Posters and Worksheets for Teachers

Teachers can get free classroom management posters from Youth Change’s new Pinterest page. Youth Change Workshops has posted two new boards, and one of the boards includes free class management and behavior posters, and a link to a page of free worksheets and posters. The first board is Motivation-Makers That Rock Your Students’ World. The second Pinterest board is called Awesome Classroom Management Ideas That Rock. Youth Change Workshops will be posting more boards if teachers like these initial efforts. Teachers can follow Youth Change Workshops on Pinterest by clicking the red Pinterest button at the bottom of every web page on the site.   April, 2012.


Youth Change
is Now on Google Plus

Youth Change is now part of Google Plus. Website visitors can stay involved with Youth Change by clicking the Google Plus button that is at the bottom of every page on the website.   March, 2012.


New Online Teacher, Principal, Special Educator Class,
“Transform Kids Into Prepared, Motivated Students”
Can Solve Teacher Classroom Management Problems

train kids to be studentsAny educator that has a desktop, laptop, or mobile, internet-connected device. can click here to order Youth Change’s new online class that can rapidly improve problem student management. Transform Kids Into Students: School Skills Training is a one hour online class designed to show educators ready-to-use strategies to turnaround school failure, bad attitudes, apathy, disinterest, truancy, tardiness, poor achievement, and poor motivation. Free clock hours are offered. The cost of the online classes is $39, and includes free, full color, printable worksheets, posters, and helpful resources in a downloadable course workbook. The course can be downloaded in less than a minute.  March, 2012.


New Online Teacher and Counselor Classes
Have Immediate Solutions for Students’ Behavior Problems

online classesTeachers, counselors, juvenile justice workers, foster parents, and principals can now solve their worst kid problems right at their desk, or anywhere they have a mobile, internet-connected device. Youth Change’s new online classes have ready-to-use solutions for poor motivation, at-risk students, and defiant children and youth. Optional college credit costs $45, and free clock hours are offered. Classes start at $39, and most include free printable worksheets and a course workbook. The courses can be downloaded in less than a minute.   February, 2012.


Youth Change Workshops
Gets a Mention in School Training News

Youth Change’s February 2, 2012 offer of a free classroom poster to fans of it’s Facebook page drew a mention in the School Training News, a wonderful, virtual newspaper that scans the internet for K-12 education news and aggregates the top stories for it’s readers.  February, 2012.


2012 Elementary and Secondary Educator Conferences
Set for Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon

teacher workshopThe next Breakthrough Strategies to Teach and Counsel Troubled Youth Workshops are coming to Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon in 2012. In addition, online distance learning courses are now available as new training options for educators and mental health workers. Financial aid work-study slots are available for the live conferences, as is college credit and clock hours. Credit and hours are also offered for distance classes. Get a flyer and more details on the Seattle and Portland sessions by clicking here. Get details on online classes here.  January, 2012.


2012 Course
Set for Portland, Oregon

The next Portland, Oregon Problem Student Problem-Solver teacher-counselor professional development workshop has been scheduled for 2012. Financial aid work-study slots are available, as is college credit and clock hours. For a flyer and more details click here.   October, 2011.


Youth Change Workshops Director and Instructor
Again Ranked as a Top Ten K-12 Education Speaker in the U.S.

Teacher Motivational SpeakerYouth Change Director, Ruth Herman Wells, M.S. has been ranked again among the top K-12 educational speakers in the U.S. as of October, 2011. Ruth is very proud to have received another set of high rankings, the second round of such evaluations in 2011. See for yourself why Ruth is consistently rated year after year as one of the most effective, engaging, and powerful speakers and keynoters in K-12 teacher education. Read what others say about trainer and keynote speaker, Ruth Herman Wells, and she why she ranks among the top professional development speakers in education, counseling, juvenile justice, and child welfare and treatment. (click).   October, 2011.


Youth Change Posters to Appear in
Popular ABC Family TV Series

Youth Change’s posters are so popular, they’re going to be on ABC Family television. They recently debuted on a Canadian YTV show, Mr. Young, but now they are being added to the set of a very popular American TV show, Switched at Birth. Our posters are unique because they are so unusual and provocative, and they can actually change students’ behavior for the best.  September, 2011.


Current Youth Change Workshop News

News Archive 2017-2018

News Archive 2015-2016

News Archive 2013-2014

News Archive 2011-2012

News Archive 1996-2011


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