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You’ve found Youth Change Professional Development Workshops. We have the internet’s largest source of solutions to turnaround troubled and difficult youth and children.

If your training prepared you to work with Beaver Cleaver, but instead, you ended up working with youngsters who more closely resemble Beavis and Butthead, our innovative, one-of-a-kind behavior management resources and professional development workshops are the more effective solutions you have been searching for. Our behavior management interventions are so good– you can try them FREE!


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Hundreds of Fast Student Behavior Management Strategies


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We’ve got it all: from books to instant printable ebooks that you can own in just 60 seconds; from startling behavior change posters to attention-grabbing lesson plans that can transform teacher classroom behavior management problems.We have must-see, powerful student behavior management worksheets, and problem-stopping, live, distance, and online teacher and counselor professional development workshops with affordable college credit and free clock hours. Our inservice training workshop can come to your school, agency or conference, or become an easy, effective fund raiser.    



Professional Development Resources
That Solve Even Your Most Serious Student Management Problems


Turn On The Turned-Off Student

Youth Change Workshops is a premier provider of problem-stopping professional development training for teachers, counselors, schools, school districts, conferences, agencies, universities and institutions. Since 1989, we’ve provided in-person, on-site, and online training workshops that target your most serious student behavior and classroom management problems. Our K-12 professional development resources deliver updated, innovative strategies for even the most difficult problem areas like violence, work refusal, cyberbullying, absenteeism, poor school performance, as well as children’s and teen’s social and emotional problems.


The Best Strategies for

Student and Classroom Behavior Management Problems

 We’ve amassed the best answers that exist for nearly any “kid problem.”

Online Workshop Workbook

We have attention-grabbing solutions to stop or manage youth violence, school failure, truancy, and dropping out, and we specialize in providing more effective strategies for even the most serious classroom management problems. We also have practical, use-now interventions for students who refuse to work in school, have behavior problems from autism or Asperger’s Syndrome, and those who face significant family problems. We also have resources to help turnaround or manage poor motivation, conduct disorder, oppositional defiance (O.D.D.), bad attitudes, ADHD, anger control issues and delinquency. We even offer intervention strategies for severe emotional problems (S.E.D.), independent living issues, and even “girl’s problems” like teen pregnancy. It’s information that no contemporary teacher, counselor, special educator, social worker, principal or youth professional can safely be without.  

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teacher professional development presenter“Ruth Herman Wells brings innovative and creative techniques for teachers, counselors, parents and other adults from the realm of ideas to hard core reality.” California Association of Counseling and Development Newspaper, Los Angeles California

“My staff loved the workshop. Your evaluation was off the charts. We’re all busy putting your info into play.”
Joe Buggs, Principal, Wenona High School, Bay City, MI

“5 Hours in L.A. gridlock! Your Breakthrough Strategies workshop brought me back.” Judi Hynne, School Counselor, Los Angeles, CA

“A treasure chest of motivational tools.” Monterey Herald Newspaper Monterey, California

“I love the crash course I took, Breakthrough Strategies to Teach and Counsel Troubled Youth Online Workshop. The great part is that you can do it in about two days on your own couch! The even greater part are the skills you teach. A hidden goldmine.” Rachel Jensen, School Counselor, Raft River Schools, Idaho

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Youth Change’s Workshop Keynote Speaker/Trainer Ruth Herman Wells, M.S. Ranked #3 Top Elementary Ed Speaker, #9 Teacher Motivation Speaker,  #9 Inservice Speaker in the U.S. in 2011. SpeakerWiki and SpeakerMix

“I had no idea that the All the Best Answers for Conduct Disorders ebook would prove to be a real page turner, like a bestselling thriller!  I found myself greedily devouring the ebook the day it arrived. This little gem is a keeper. Thank you for a superb product.”
Brenda Murphy, Psychologist,  Georgia


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